Why Is Water so Important?

Posted by Moriah on 11/29/2019 to Physical Health
Why Is Water so Important?

Water is essential to the human body. Up to 60% of water makes up the body, which helps the key factors of the bodywork, as well as controlling our body temperature, our immune system, and breathing. It is most important to drink water first thing in the morning, as this helps to kick-start your body for the day. As our bodies excessively lose water throughout the day, it is highly important to make sure we replenish our bodies.

How much water should we be drinking?
According to health specialists, we should follow the "8x8" rule. The 8x8 rule is 8 8-ounce glasses per day, which is the same amount as 2 liters. Although, this amount may fluctuate for some depending on how active a person is, or any health problems occurring. It is easier to do it as a routine; 2 glasses in the morning, 2 glasses at lunchtime, and 2 at dinner. Not drinking the standard amount of water can lead to a mild headache, constipation, and dehydration.

Am I dehydrated?
There are both physical and mental signs of dehydration. Fatigue, lack of concentration, constipation, headaches, dizziness, and fainting all fall into the category of being dehydrated. You can also tell if you're dehydrated by your urine. If you are hydrated, your urine will be clear. If you are dehydrated, your urine will be dark. The sun primarily is dangerous when we are dehydrated, as it can exacerbation the problem. Concluding, keeping track of your hydration levels is hydrated is crucial to maintain a healthy working body.

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