Why We Need a Pet First-Aid Kit

Posted by Moriah on 1/24/2020 to First Aid Kits
Why We Need a Pet First-Aid Kit

First aid kits are always essential to have for everyone in the household, including our furry friends. There may be a time in which an unfortunate event can occur, leaving your pet hurt and rendered, needing medical assistance as soon as possible. In these cases it is significantly crucial to have the proper first aid supplies and tools you need to help your fur baby en route to the vet.

Some key items to have in a first aid kit for your pets can include:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: cleanses and disinfects the wound
  • Compressed Gauze: stabilizes a fracture and/or wound wrapping
  • Hemostatic Dressing: to stop severe bleeding and control hemorrhaging
  • Scissors: for cutting gauze, or any hard to open supplies
  • Blankets: to bring warmth and comfort your pet
  • Food/treats: can ease the pet and provide nutrition if needed
  • Flashlight: to make wounds visible in the nighttime

In a world where anything can happen it is important that we keep our furry friends close and safe, while always be prepared for the worst. Here at CPR Savers, we provide multiple pet first aid kits along with many other first aid supplies you need!

Sourced: https://dogtime.com/dog-health/general/21573-13-things-to-have-in-your-dog-first-aid-kit

Photo Credit: Snapwire

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