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Ascella Emergency Light
Ascella Emergency Light

Ascella Emergency Light

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Ascella 5-Watts 150 Lumens 3-in-1 LED Smart Bulb. No need to curse the darkness with this versatile bulb in your possession. Use it as a traditional flashlight when the power goes out. Insert it in a standard light-bulb socket and it functions as a long-lasting LED light bulb.

3-in-1 design: Three versatile functions in one.

  • Use as a traditional flashlight to find your way in the dark
  • Use as a long-lasting standard light bulb powered by a light switch or lamp
  • Set to Emergency mode and light automatically turns on when power goes out using reverse polarity
  • Handle extends for comfortable use in flashlight mode
  • 26 individual LEDs Provide enough light to illuminate a room in an emergency situation
  • Equivalent to a 30-watt incandescent bulb but draws only 5 watts of energy. Save money on your power bill!
  • Lasts more than 18 years. Save money on replacement light bulbs and flashlight batteries!

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