Halloween Safety Tips for You and Your Family

Halloween Safety Tips for You and Your Family

Halloween is supposed to be scary, but there are still ways to stay safe while enjoying the spirit of the holiday. You should be able to focus more on fun and treats on this special night, and not spend it worrying about your kids.

So be sure to follow these Halloween safety tips that we've put together for you so that you and your family can enjoy an extra safe Halloween this year!

As an extra bonus, we're spreading the word about the popular and growing Teal Pumpkin Project and what you can do to help every child get the most out of their Halloween night!

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What are OSHA Compliant First Aid Kits?

What are OSHA Compliant First Aid Kits?

If you're starting up a business, you have probably heard and know a little about OSHA, and maybe even the ANSI standard, but in case you have more questions, we'll be covering some of the basics today on OSHA compliant first aid kids and keeping your workspace safe and ready for emergencies.

What is OSHA?

As established in the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets, regulates, and enforces certain standards to ensure that we can work in safe and healthy environments on the job. They also provide training, health education, and assistance when needed.

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Marine and Boating Safety Tips

Marine and Boating Safety Tips

It’s incredibly important to understand the dangers of the water, whether you're a boating adept or it's your first time on the seas. In the news, we hear about boating accidents all the time; in one glance, anyone can be swept away by pounding waves, wind gales or even just a sharp turn. Although we can't prevent nature from taking its course, serious injuries and casualties can be avoided by taking proper precautions when navigating the sea, a lake, or the ocean tides.

So whatever the purpose for your marine adventure, be sure to follow these marine and boating safety tips.

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Fitting Exercise into Your Day

The United States is ranked as the 27th most obese country in the world; meaning over 65% of the population is overweight or obese. Being obese does not only reflect externally but internally as well. High blood pressure, Diabetes, and heart disease are just a few complications that can occur due to obesity alone. The best way to fight obesity is to get active and participate in physical activities. By doing so you will not only fight obesity but also build strong muscles and bones and release endorphins, which help reduce the feelings of depression and improve your ability to focus.

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Survival Kits - Prepare for an Emergency

If you were in the Los Angeles area last week, chances are you had a shaky week – literally! Due to seismic activity at the Salton Sea, Los Angeles was put on high alert and even when nothing comes of it, citizens end up constantly checking their emergency broadcast information. Others took more drastic measures and bolted down bookshelves and other furniture in preparation for a big earthquake.
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OSHA ANSI First Aid Kit Revisions

ANSI Z308.1-2015 First Aid Kit Changes


OSHA (US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the main federal agency charged with the enforcement of safety and health legislation. OSHA Regulations regarding first aid kits are contained in the Code of Federal Regulations under section 29 CFR 1910.151 and in Appendix A.

OSHA does not provide specifications for the first aid contents per se but defined mandatory requirements for availability of kits at it's worksites. In Appendix A of the OSHA guidelines, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is referenced as the originator of first aid kit specifications and minimum content requirements.

Please click Read more to see a chart of all the changes.

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National CPR and AED Awareness Week - CPR CABD

Across the nation, twenty-seven states have made CPR mandatory for high school graduation and twelve states have bills introduced into legislation.

June 1 to 7 is National CPR and AED Awareness Week.

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation estimates approximately 326,000 people of all ages will experience a sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital and 9 out of 10 of these victims will die each year.


We can help reduce this statistic by learning Hand-Only CPR and remembering these two simple steps!

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Zika Virus - Safety and Prevention

NatrapelIn the past year, the Zika virus has become a hot button issue throughout the world as several people are at a loss as to what the virus is and where it originated from. This is specifically a very scary virus for pregnant women as there are known complications with the Zika virus and pregnancy

Natrapel 8 hr continuous spray protects against all biting insects.

Click Read More for more information regarding the Zika Virus

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Food Safety Tips

Food Safety

Out of every six people in the US, at least one will get sick in their lifetime from eating contaminated food. Food safety is so important nowadays because there are so many public places to partake in a meal. If the proper procedures are not followed, it can affect many people.

The most recent foodborne outbreaks have been linked to the following foods: frozen vegetables, Raw Milk, Pistachios, and Alfalfa sprouts. These outbreaks have been as small as affecting a small population or as large as spreading to multiple states. The CDC plays a large role in preventing foodborne outbreaks by linking illnesses to certain foods, tracking illnesses, and assembling teams to investigate and prevent outbreaks from happening.

Read on for some helpful tips to help you prevent foodborne illnesses.

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What is Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is an airborne disease. It is only spread when germs are forced into the air. Covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough, is not only polite but reduces the risk of contracting and/or spreading the disease.

The best and most effective way to avoid contracting TB is to avoid being in the same vicinity as someone who has TB. However, if this is unavoidable, wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth. Gloves and protective clothing are not required, as TB cannot be transmitted through touch alone.

Please click Read More for a list of TB Symptoms.
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Semper Paratus

Yesterday, we all awoke to the news of the attacks in Brussels, Belgium. While I was greatly saddened and my heart was burden for the victims and their families, I was also encouraged as the photos of first responders and trained CPR/AED laypersons assisting victims and saving lives. The actions of such a few deluded individuals led to the destruction of many, but the actions of the few well-trained, dauntless medical professionals and laypersons, saved many lives.

What if this happened in your city? Are you as prepared as you should or could be? I don’t believe we should live in the spirit of fear, but shouldn’t we be ready for any emergency? Semper Paratus! Please click Read More for tips regarding maintaining your CPR/AED Certification and your equipment!

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National Kidney Day

We would like to thank the National Kidney Foundation for the use of this fun, informative video on Your Kidneys and You.

Thursday, March 10th is National Kidney Day. Are you one of the 28 million un-diagnosed Americans with chronic Kidney Disease? Many times people in the health care field are the last to be tested. Schedule a urine and blood test with your primary care physician, and take charge of your health.

Do you have a healthy set of kidneys? Have you considered donating one to someone in need?  100,791 people are currently on the kidney transplant list (1.11.2016) as reported by the National Kidney Registry. Click Read More for more Information on kidney donation.

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What is your Flu IQ?

What constitutes a flu season? When levels of influenza-like-illnesses (ILI), hospitalization and death rates rise and stay elevated it is officially flu season. The Influenza Surveillance Report released by the CDC for the week of February 20, illustrates a widespread epidemic of the influenza virus in more than 24 states, up 54% from the previous week.

As you know, the number one defense against the flu is the flu vaccine followed by a strict hand-washing protocol. The recommended hand-washing time is 20 seconds or about the length of time, it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”.

Test your knowledge of influenza symptoms, causes and cures, Click Read more to take The CDC Flu IQ quiz!

Make sure you are prepared for the flu season to help keep you and your family healthy.

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Changes to AHA Resuscitation Guidelines

Did you know that the American Heart Association recently changed the Basic Life Support Resuscitation Guidelines? Is your CPR/AED/First Aid Certification card still active or have you let it expire?

Click on the Read More link to see a small list of the changes. Need to take a refresher course? Register for a CPR, AED, or First Aid class near you!

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Tips for keeping your blood pressure down

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 1 in 3 Americans have high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are three to four times more likely to die from Stroke or Heart Disease.

Read more to learn a few facts about blood pressure and tips on controlling it.

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Preparing a Natural Disaster Kit for Your Pets

Have you prepared a Disaster Plan that includes your Pet?

Click Read More for information regarding Creating a Plan whether sheltering in place or if evacuation.

What to include in a Pet Disaster Kit We have included some links to pet hotels as wells our CATasrophe Kit for Cats and ourDogGoneIt Kit for Dogs.

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Welcome to CPR Savers & First Aid Supply's blog!

Our Mission is to ensure the health and safety of families and businesses worldwide. Since many of our employees come from an emergency safety background, we are able to offer additional insight into the needs of our customers.

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