Thunder Storm Safety

It’s quite shocking when people aren’t aware of the dangers of being outdoors during a thunder storm (Pun intended). Lightning travels at an alarming 320,000,000 ft per second. While that may only be a third of actual light-speed, it’s faster than any human and most super heroes. Lightning may even give the Flash a run for his money. With stats like that, it’s a no brainer to say that being out in a storm where lightning is prevalent, it is a gamble with your life. So, let’s not forget when Drake coined “YOLO,” and throw your one life away because you weren’t informed of the hazards of a thunder storm.

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Physio-Control Forward Hearts program

We are excited to announce the Physio-Control Forward Hearts program, which is available starting today! This new program puts you and your organization in a position to recognize a sudden cardiac arrest survivor and rescuers, make an important lifesaving donation to your community and get a little free press!

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Emergency Survival

We know during certain times throughout the year we have extreme seasons. Not only during spring, but in summer, fall, and winter. For example, there is a monsoon season in Arizona that occurs in the months of June through September. There is also a tornado season on the east side of the Rocky Mountains, ranging through the months of March to June. Lastly, there’s the ever-faithful hurricane season which happens every year from June through November. Though these seasons happen every year, it’s still shocking the damage these storms can cause. This severe weather, in turn causes natural disasters. According to

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12V 12' Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug - Item #RP-203EC

This durable cord will fit into the 12 volt Cigarette Lighter outlet of any vehicle to be used with an array of different devices.

It’s perfect for camping because with the 12 foot length you can hook it up to an electronic cooker, bed inflator, and many more 12 volt accessories you may use.

Check out this product on our website at and type RP-203EC to be brought to the product page, or call our customer service excellence team at 1-800-480-1277!

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Safe in the Summer

Well it’s that time of years again, and boy does it seem to be getting hotter and hotter every year. It’s important to remember how to stay safe in this hot weather. Those of us that work outdoors or like to maintain their workouts outside we must be aware of the dangers that the heat carries and adhere to health safety.
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Heart Attack? Or Cardiac Arrest?

In the U.S. cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death among adults over the age of 40. According to, each year more than 350,000 individuals fall victim to cardiac arrest. In the event when there is a cardiac arrest situation the moment is very tense, and every second counts. Time and effort could make the difference of saving one’s life. When performing CPR, this could become highly exhausting. Whether you are a good Samaritan, being at the right place at the right time, or even if you are a professional EMT, Respiratory Therapist, or Nurse, you can still find yourself getting fatigued whilst performing compressions and giving rescue breaths.
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Zoll AED Battery and Pad Replacement

How to easily replace the batteries and pads in your Zoll AED.

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