The Prestan UltraTrainer

Posted by Paul on 9/21/2017 to Emergency Care

The Prestan AED UltraTrainerTM provides the options instructors have been waiting for. Combining the most recent technology with realistic features not found on other AED Trainers, this product will excel in any training atmosphere. It is a compact and customizable unit providing quality, durability and affordability. The Prestan AED UltraTrainerTM is sure to be an industry favorite.

Surviving Natural Disasters

Posted by Sophia on 9/5/2017 to Safety Tips
Surviving Natural Disasters

We know during certain times throughout the year we have extreme seasons. Not just Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. For example, we have a Monsoon Season in Arizona which occurs between June and September. We have a Tornado season on the East side of the Rocky Mountains between March and June. We Also have a Hurricane Season from June to November.

These seasons can bring about natural disasters that cause serious destruction to our homes, lands, and streets, creating a crisis that can and will continue even after the natural disaster has moved on. A Natural Disaster is an event such as a flood, earthquake, tornado, or hurricane that causes great damage or loss of life. When these disasters strike they normally come with little or no warning and not all of us are prepared for these moments.

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