CPR Training Manikin and AED Trainer Rental

CPR Savers offers CPR training manikin and AED trainer rentals for both short-term and long term periods. These products are perfect for CPR and AED training classes. As a bonus, you will earn $5 credit per rental day of manikins, to be used towards any future manikin purchase from CPR Savers.

Rentals are only available for US addresses.

Want to get an estimate on how much a rental will cost? Use our Rental Calculator below.

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PP-AM-100M Prestan Adult Manikin with monitor

PP-AM-100M Prestan Adult Manikin with monitor

$10/day$108.44 deposit
PP-IM-100M Prestan Infant Manikin with monitor

PP-IM-100M Prestan Infant Manikin with monitor

$8/day$73.53 deposit
TMAN1 CPR training manikin rental

TMAN1 - Adult/Child Manikin

$8/day$73.53 deposit
TMAN2 CPR training manikin rental

TMAN2 - Infant Manikin

$5/day$52.28 deposit
TPAK700 CPR training manikin rental

TPAK700 - 5 Adult/Child & 2 Infant Manikins

$20/day$401.25 deposit
American Red Cross AED trainer rental

American Red Cross AED Trainer

$8/day$55 deposit

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  • Only the cost of the deposit and shipping (includes a pre-paid label to send it back to us) are paid up-front. The cost of the rental fee will be deducted from the deposit and any remaining value will be refunded once the product is returned and assessed for damage.
  • The shipping cost shown here is only an estimate. Your actually cost may be lower or higher. Please contact us for an exact quote.
  • Accessories: You are responsible for the purchase of all necessary accessories, such as lung bags and insertion tool, face shields, AED training pads, etc.
  • Cost of Deposit-
  • Shipping Cost-
  • Cost for Rental-
  • Upfront Cost-
  • Estimated Return-
  • Final Cost-

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