Demo Dose Med Kit
Demo Dose Med Kit

Demo Dose Med Kit

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Demo Dose® Med Kit

Demo Dose® Med Kit includes the core medications needed for training Paramedics. Practicing with this realistic, Demo Dose® Med Kit will reduce medication errors and improve medication administration. This kit is an easy way to organize and administer training medications, resulting in fast turnaround times. The Demo Dose® Kit medications have the same administration system used in the field and provide realism value for your training solutions.

The kit comes with Simulaid's Essential 30 scenario cards that include instructions for prepping, running and debriefing students. The EMS scenarios provide BLS and ALS level training. These scenarios provide the opportunity to practice realistic situations. Use the scenarios with or without an advanced patient simulator, thereby allowing your students to practice proper medication administration at the quick tempo they will face in field without the risk of harming the patient.

Essential 30 Scenario Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive library of 105
  • EMS simulations covers the entire EMS curriculum
  • Can be used in EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic training
  • Can be used in initial or refresher EMS training
  • Written by experienced EMS educators
  • Based on actual EMS calls
  • One-page, color-coded format for quick scanning and information retrieval by instructors
  • Complete patient information, including detailed patient history and head-to-toe findings
  • Suggested treatments for both BLS and ALS providers
  • Simple Improvement/Deterioration decision tree allows instructor to respond to the dynamics of student performance
  • Detailed instructor notes includes BLS and ALS simulation objectives, discussion questions, and key medical points
  • Moulage instructions and equipment lists allow for fast set-up
  • Can be used with simulators, live patients, or as case studies
  • Software to uploads each simulation into SMART STAT simulator

  • Kit Includes:

  • Demo Dose® Dopamin Labels 10 ml Vial (06939022N)
  • Demo Dose® Calcm Chlr Simulated Code Drug (06931104N)
  • Demo Dose® Glucagn Kit 1 mg 1 unit (06933110N)
  • Demo Dose® Adenocrd 6 mg/ 2 ml 3 mg/ml (06931115N)
  • Demo Dose® Adenocrd 12 mg/4 ml 3 mg/ml (06931116N)
  • Demo Dose® Lidocain Simulated Code Drug (06931101N)
  • Demo Dose® Simulated Code Drug Set #2 - Includes: Epinephrn, Atropin, Lidocain, Sodium Bicarb, Dextros, Calcm Chl, Vasoprssn, Amiodron, and Furosmide (06931112N)
  • EpiPen Trainer (06933884N)
  • Demo Dose® Narcn 10 ml MDV, 0.4 mg/ml (06933119N)
  • Demo Dose® Magnesm Sulfte Injection 2 ml (06930402N)
  • Demo Dose® Magnesium Sulfate Injection 10 ml (06930410N)
  • Demo Dose® Amidat Etomidate Injection 10 ml (06938101N)
  • Demo Dose® Succinyl Choline Injectin 20 ml (06938104N)
  • Demo Dose® Rocuronum Bromide Injection 10 ml (06938103N)
  • Demo Dose® Morphin 1 ml Vial 10 mg/ml (06933115N)
  • Demo Dose® Midazolam (06936927N)
  • Demo Dose® Decadrn Labels Amber Mini Vial (06939017N)
  • Demo Dose® Phenergn Labels Amber Ampule (06939019N)
  • Demo Dose® Pitocn (Oxytocin Injection) 1 ml (06936925N)
  • Non-Rebreather Mask with Safety Vent Adult and Pediatric (07711095N)
  • Face Mask Adult Medium Concentration (07711041N)
  • Nebulizer with Elongated Adult or Pediatric Aerosol
  • Mask and Tubing (07711885N)
  • Demo Dose® 50% Dextros Simulated Code Drug (06931105N)
  • Demo Dose® Sodium BiCarb Simulated Code Drug (06931103N)
  • Demo Dose® Sodium Bicarb 8.4% Pediatric 10 ml (06931123N)
  • Demo Dose® Acti Char 25 g Simulated Poison Absorbent (06931201N)
  • Demo Dose® (ASA) Asprin 81 mg (06930050N)
  • Lidocaine 1 g (06931111N)
  • Demo Dose® Furosmide 20 mg 10 mg/ml (06933010N)
  • Demo Dose® Simulated Ipratropium Bromide 0.02% (06931503N)
  • Demo Dose® Simulated Albuterol Sulfate 0.083% (06931501N)
  • Demo Dose® Nitr Ointment 2% 30 g (06935000N)
  • Demo Dose® Nitr Oint Application Papers (06935001N)
  • Demo Dose® Nitr Spray Simulated 400 mcg/spray (06933108N)
  • Demo Dose® Ntri Drip 250 ml (06934000N)
  • Demo Dose® Solu-Medrl 125 mg/2 ml (06932100N)
  • Transportable Sharps Container 1 Qt. (03788303N)
  • Fabric Strips 3/4" x 3" (05013611N)
  • Alcohol Prep Pads Medium (05021104N)
  • Alcohol Prep Pads Large (05025110N)
  • Demo Dose® 0.9% NaCl IV Fluid (06931020N)
  • Demo Dose® 5% Dextrose IV Fluid (06931000N)
  • Baxter Interlink Continue-Flo Primary Set 10 gtt/ml (06546537N)
  • B.Braun Mini-Drip IV Administration Set 66" 60 gtt/ml (06548402N)
  • Demo Dose® Fentynl 50 mcg/hr Transdermal Patch System, Pack of 10 (06933105N)
  • *Actual Demo Dose® meds may be substituted with an equal alternative.

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