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Maritime Vest With Accessories
Maritime Vest With Accessories

Maritime Vest With Accessories

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Part Number:CPRS-MVA
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Product Detail

This Maritime Vest System comes with additional rifle and pistol magazine pouches, 1-point sling, weapon stow, and strobe pouch. Approved by the Coast Guard.

Product Features

Maritime Vest

  • Slide-in inserts for body armor plates up to NIJ Level III on front and back of vest. Body armor plates not included.
  • Buoyancy foam behind armor plate inserts for retaining floatation even when a plate is compromised. Buoyancy foam included.
  • Four front pouches with covers for utilities and magazines.
  • Two central pouches on front for documentation and survival aid.
  • Two central pouches on back for radio and hydration equipment.
  • All pouches have drain holes to allow easy draining of water after being submerged.
  • Drag handle located on the back.
  • IR patch on shoulder for ease of identification under night conditions.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and sides.

Additional Items

  • 1-Point weapon sling to allow easy transition between equipment or other firearms without costing convenience.
  • Weapon stow to be mounted onto vest or belt and retain weapon’s barrel when not in use.
  • Additional drop-leg rifle mag pouch with covers.
  • Pistol mag pouch with covers and metal reinforcement to retain shape and ensure ease of swapping mags.
  • Strobe pouch to stow normal or IR strobes.

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