Medique Medi-Meclizine
Medique Medi-Meclizine

Medique Medi-Meclizine

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For prevention of nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness.

  • Unit dose, tamper-evident dual layer foil packets
  • English and Spanish labeling where possible

  • Each tablet contains:

    Meclizine Hydrochloride 25 mg


    Do not use
  • for children under 12 years of age unless directed by a doctor
  • for frequent or prolonged use except under the advice of a doctor

  • Ask a doctor before use if you have
  • breathing problems such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis
  • glaucoma
  • difficulty in urination due to enlargement of the prostate gland

  • if you are
  • taking sedatives or tranquilizers

  • When using this product
  • drowsiness may occur
  • alcohol, sedatives and tranquilizers may increase the drowsiness effect
  • avoid alcoholic beverages while taking this product
  • use caution when driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery
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