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Be READY: Moulage
Moulage Kits from Nasco Healthcare
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Customize your simulation with interactive wounds and injuries that you can see and feel for added realism. From simulating minor cuts to replicating severe injuries, our moulage kits help learners gain valuable hands-on experience in treating wounds so they can Be READY for real-life situations.
Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit
Includes fracture wounds and an assortment of makeup enabling you to elevate your simulation training.

Key Features
  • Bleeding wounds and injuries
  • Compound fractures
  • Simulated blood and blood powder
  • Ideal for attack response simulations
Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit
Includes 32 simulated wounds, makeup, and accessories all packaged in a hard carry case.

Key Features
  • Lifelike wounds that can be cleaned, sutured or bandaged, etc.
  • Simulated burns, blisters, lacerations, boils, cysts, pressure ulcers and more
  • For use on manikins or a live person
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