Multi purpose Non-Contact Door Opening Tool
Multi purpose Non-Contact Door Opening Tool

Multi purpose Non-Contact Door Opening Tool

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Door handles and buttons are often dirtier than they look. Every day, your hands and fingers constantly touch doors, drawer handles, elevator buttons, and restroom faucets - all of which can be home to thousands of invisible threats. It only takes the slightest bit of direct contact for your hands to get dirty, and sooner or later you’ll probably touch your eyes, nose, or mouth too. This can quickly lead to sickness and unwanted health issues. Protect your health by avoiding physical contact with dirty surfaces using this No-Touch Door Opener Tool! Now you can head outdoors without worrying about your wellbeing! This door opener tool securely latches onto door, cabinet, or drawer handles, keeping your skin safely away from public surfaces. It’s a smart, convenient way to avoid touching everyday objects directly. ATM screens and elevator buttons also tend to harbor various kinds of filth. This door opener tool features a rubber stylus tip that you can use for pushing different types of buttons and switches. It’s even suitable for writing on touch screens without leaving behind any scratches or marks. Our tool also comes with a convenient bottle cap opener that comes in handy whenever you need to open a bottled beverage on the go. Last but not least, this door opener tool will also make a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one on Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions.

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