MultiPad Skills Trainer 2
MultiPad Skills Trainer 2

MultiPad Skills Trainer 2

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MultiPad Skills Trainer 2 with CAE blue drawstring backpack

The MultiPad II is a versatile tool designed for students to practice key clinical skills related to wound care, suture and staple removal, urinary catheterization and rectal medication administration.  The MultiPad2 features two simulated open wounds (including tunnelling), two closed wounds, female perineum with vaginal, urethral and anal orifices. This portable multifunctional device is ideal for use in a variety of settings including at-home deliberate practice to enhance skill mastery.

Practice clinical skills such as :

  • Genital Hygiene Practice
  • Simulation of urinary catheter insertion
  • Medication insertion practice
  • Suture removal*
  • Staple removal*
  • Linear wound care
  • Sinus wound care (pressure injury) for packing or wicking. (Contains 4 sinus (Tunneling)


  • 1x MULTI-002

*Replacement stitches and staples not included.

The MULTIPAD II  is an essential complement to online training, during confinement such as the Covid-19 or online education. (Portable Skills pad for Virtual Clinics)

Endorsed by the Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators Using Simulation CAN-Sim (CAN-Sim)

Medicor Lab, a Canadian manufacturer of innovative medical simulation products based in Quebec

Proudly designed and produced in Canada, Montreal.

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