Rescue Manikins

CPR Savers has a large inventory of rescue manikins that include popular brands such as Simulaids, Laerdal, and Ruth Lee Rescue. Durable with a sturdy construction, you can trust that these manikins will last longer through the situations they were meant for: water rescue, fire rescue, and more.

Not only that, but there are many different sizes of manikins to choose from. From an obese adult to a young infant, these manikins encompass the entire range of real-life occurrences of victims in an emergency situation.

Water Rescue Manikins

Water rescue manikins are used as important practice for lifeguards and other first responders, as well as for rescue competitions. We carry a large selection of many brands and types to choose from, so whether you are needing a manikin for your next competition, or for training and certification, we have just what you need!

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Heartisense Premium Kit
Kemp Competition Manikin
KEMP USA Training Manikin
Kemp Two Piece Spine Board Strap - Orange
Currently Unavailable
Kemp Two Piece Spine Board Strap - Royal Blue
Currently Unavailable
Kemp Two Piece Spine Board Strap - Yellow
Currently Unavailable
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