Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet for Defibtech
Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet for Defibtech

Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet for Defibtech

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Part Number:DAC-U2230GG
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The Rotaid PLUS Indoor Cabinet for Defibtech provides a robust, durable, and recognizable indoor storage solution for all of your Lifeline AEDs. The characteristic round shape makes your life-saving equipment easy to find, and just a quick twist is needed to gain full access to the AED. The green tinted polycarbonate cover comes with an AED logo and the directive arrows and signage provide user guidance. The cabinet comes with a battery powered, audible alarm system to alert bystanders when the system is in use.

The cabinet is opened by a quick and intuitive twist that removes the cover from the backplate. A nylon strap holds the cover to the backplate, and the responder has full access to the AED. The AED inside is safely positioned on a metal stand and can be grabbed in an instant. All models of the Lifeline AED series, and the Lifeline VIEW series can be used or stored with or without their carrying cases. A solid steel hook, attached to the bottom of the cabinet, can hold a tag, seal, or other rescue accessory.

WARNING: Not for outdoor use


  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 18.5 x 7.1
  • The pre-installed audible alarm system, triggered by a coin sized, low power magnet in the cover, has an ABS housing and is affixed to the backplate
  • On the bottom of the alarm housing, a red button can be found to temporarily pause the alarm if required
  • Adjustable loudness level
  • Compatible with Lifeline AED, Lifeline VIEW, Lifeline ECG, and Lifeline PRO.
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