SAM Splints Save Lives

If you’re ever away from civilization and experience a bad accident, a SAM splint might be very beneficial in your emergency medical kit. Whether it’s used to immobilize a broken bone or to provide much needed support for a strain or a sprain, SAM splints can be a valuable product for first responders and emergency medical workers. As BC’s foremost supplier for emergency workers and institutions of all types that require safety kits compliant with WorkSafeBC standards, Pickering Safety is delighted to offer SAM splint kits as one of our core product offerings.

SAM splints offer lightweight versatility

For a product that is simple in appearance, a SAM splint contains a lot of embedded technology. One of the most ingenious aspects of the product is that it is radiolucent, meaning that it does not need to be removed for x-rays. SAM splints are lightweight, waterproof and reusable.

They are designed to accommodate a wide range of situations, including injuries to the wrist, ankle and arm. Countless case studies exist from ski patrols, sports doctors and even NASA attesting to the utility of SAM splints. 

Unlike conventional, rigid splints, SAM splints use closed cell foam and aluminum technology that can be bent to conform to almost any shape and size. They can also be cut to for even more versatility in the field. SAM splints come in flat and rolled packages to adapt to almost any safety kit. When combined with a bleeding control kit and wound care products, you can be assured of handling virtually any type of accident.

Pickering offers several generations of service to BC

If you are a looking to build out your safety kit for the workplace, school or simply for your next trip to the mountains, Pickering Safety offers the most comprehensive assortment of safety products in BC. Whether it’s a SAM splint or full emergency kit, we are proud to have served the community for several generations. 

 We sincerely hope you never need a SAM splint, but carrying one may just be a lifesaver.

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