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Search & Rescue (SAR) is an operation mounted by emergency services who are well trained to find someone they believe is in distress, lost, sick, or injured either in a remote location or a difficult to access area. Here at CPR Savers & First Aid Supply we carry a variety of search & rescue equipment ranging from training manikins, kits, life preservers and rings, lighting, heating, and energy, evacuation, and much more other rescue equipment.

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Stryker Evacuation Chair
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Comprehensive Rescue System
Mobile Backpack Rescue System
Afghan Hook - Small Complete
Fast Rope Descent Device-Kit (Trango)
Aluminum Rung Special Ops Ladder 10m
Jacob's Ladder - 50'
Aluminum Rung Special Ops Ladder 5m
Cadex Special Ops Ladder Reel
Public Access Rescue Station
Air-Lift Rescue Vest (ARV)
Air-Lift Rescue Vest (ARV) Mesh
Cadex Hook 4 inch
Jacob's Ladder - 30'
Urban Assault Kit NEW ITEM
Yates Basic Rope Access, XLarge
Rope Access Harness
Jacob's Ladder - 20'
Intrinsically Safe Lifting Bridle
 AVAO BOD International Harness
Basic Rigging Harness
Pocket Ladder w/Hook and pouch Kit
Heli-Rappel Harness
VOLT WIND International Harness
Helo Tagline Kit
VOLT International Harness
Compact Rescue System
Water Rescue Belt Throw Bag
Rescue Clip w/18 foot Pole
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