SOL Fire Lite° Fire Starting Kit
SOL Fire Lite™ Fire Starting Kit

SOL Fire Lite° Fire Starting Kit

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The ultimate fire starter kit, ideal for everything from backpacking trips to survival situations. Contains the essentials you need to start up to 20 fires in any weather conditions, all in a reusable DryFlex bag. Along with detailed fire starting instructions, the kit includes 20 pieces of Tinder Quik™. This waterproof and windproof tinder will burn for up to 3 minutes, even when wet, giving you plenty of time to build a fire. Ignite the Tinder Quik™ using the Survive Outdoors Longer® Fire Lite™ sparker, a one-handed striker tested to produce up to 5,000 sparks. Compact yet comprehensive, the Fire Lite™ Fire Starting Kit makes starting a fire easier, whether you add it to your survival gear or pack it as your fire starter for backpacking and camping trips.

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