CERT Whistle
CERT Whistle

CERT Whistle

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If you can be Heard, you can be Rescued.
Sound is the #1 factor in deterring crime and finding lost victims. When you are injured, cold, lost and tired, shouting can leave you hoarse and exhausted in a matter of minutes. However, if you can breathe, you can easily blow this Safety Whistle and be found by Rescue Personnel.
For this reason these whistles are designed and tested by Search and Rescue Professionals, the same type of people who are looking for you when disaster strikes. Whistles for Life provides you with the most important tool for being found in a life and death situation... The Ability To Be Heard.
A Powerful Safety Whistle Designed for Survival.
The Tri-Power Safety Whistle is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life threatening situation. Based on years of experience and testing in Search & Rescue situations, this Safety Whistle should be an essential item for any person looking for an inexpensive, but effective tool for being rescued.

3-Chambered 120 Decibel Sound:

  • 1 main chamber with a waterproof pea, creates a loud staccato sound critical for being heard above the roar of wind and emergency vehicles.
  • 2 secondary chambers create separate omnidirectional high pitched sounds
  • Loud 120 Decibel sound gets you heard in noisy environments.

Solid Whistle Construction:

  • ABS plastic will not stick to lips and mouth in cold weather.
  • Hands-Free Mouth Grip.
  • Universal locking safety clip and waffled texture for easy grip.
  • Custom Logo Jewels available.
  • Meets anti-choking standards for children.

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