SynAtomy™ Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer
SynAtomy™ Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer

SynAtomy™ Adult Cricothyrotomy Trainer

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  • Realistic surgical training platform for cricothyrotomy
  • Compatible with nasogastric intubation and retrograde intubation
  • Allows students to practice and repeat technique on a high quality, live-tissue replacement platform in a biohazard-free environment
  • Repetitive use will strengthen the ability and confidence of all team members who perform or assist in implementing surgical airways
  • Students who may benefit from this trainer include EMTs, flight nurses, combat medics, ICU nurses, and nurse practitioners
  • Anatomical features include oral cavity and nasal passages communicating with the lower airway, chin, clavicle, hyoid bone, thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, and cricoid membrane
  • Relevant Skills: Surgical and needle cricothyrotomy, nasal intubation, retrograde airway, palpation, cannulation, application and removal of sutures and staples, surgical cutdown, and application of adhesives and bandages
  • Included Components: Plastic base, muscular form, two membrane carriages with hyoid and cricoid, skin overlay, 20 replacement tissues (skin and cricoid membrane), and a durable case
  • Equipment Compatibility: Surgical airway devices, auto-suturing and auto-stapling devices, laser scalpels, electrocautery devices, bipolar and mono-polar devices, harmonic blades, and all known imaging equipment
  • Synthetic tissues made from salt, water, and fiber feature the world’s most realistic tactility
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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