CPR Savers AED Management Program - 2 Year
CPR Savers AED Management Program - 2 Year

CPR Savers AED Management Program - 2 Year

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AED Program Management and Physician Oversight are legal requirements in most states throughout the Nation, including California. Federal Law also requires that publicly placed AED’s be under the management of a Physician. These laws typically require state/local EMS agency notification, documented AED maintenance checks, emergency policies, training certifications, and post Sudden Cardiac Arrest Physician review.
CRP Savers in partnership with AED Total Solution handles all of these legal components so you don’t have to. We also keep track of all of your supplies, letting you know when new supplies are needed, so you can have confidence that your AED is ready when an emergency strikes.
  • Medical Oversight and Direction
  • Written Policies and Procedures
  • AED Total Solution Web Portal (AED Tracking - Site, Location, Serial Number
  • Battery/Electrode Tracking
  • Documented inspection histories
  • CPR/AED Certification Tracking
  • Automated email notifications and alerts: 60, 30 day Battery and/or Electrode Expiration notifications
  • 60, 30 day Training Certification Expiration notifications
  • Immediate notification alerts for failed AED inspections
  • Monthly Inspection email reminders)
  • State/Local AED registration as required
  • Post Event Services:
    • Loaner AED sent out with return box for used AED
    • Data Download and Physician Review
    • AED Inspected and Cleaned
    • AED Returned with return box for Loaner

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