Dynamo Solar Powered Digital Radio
Dynamo Solar Powered Digital Radio

Dynamo Solar Powered Digital Radio

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This is a true emergency radio that you can count it when in an emergency situation. It comes with a Ni-MH rechargeable battery built, so you can crank the generator built-in to power the radio, the solar panel on the top of the radio can charge the battery and run the radio when in a situation where sun is the main source of energy. The symmetric design makes radio a lovely one you want to take it with you, not because of its design, but the super bright LED flashlight is a must you need in a dark.

The radio is built with a back-lit LCD display , you can easily tune it in when in a dark. It covers AM and FM bands with high sensitivity circuitry inside the radio.

You can hear the sound from the built-in dual speaker or the earphone jack. You can charge the radio with cranking or the AC adaptor ( Not included).



FM: 88.00-108 Mhz


Radio Size: 6 1/2"X 3"X 3 1/2"

Power Source: Hi-MH battery, Cranking, AC adaptor ( Not included)

Flashlight: 3 Super bright LEDs

Alarm Clock: 24 Hours alarm clock with Digital display.

Mixed Charging jack for in and out.

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