FR2+ Rechargeable Battery (LiION)
FR2+ Rechargeable Battery (LiION)

FR2+ Rechargeable Battery (LiION)

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In hospital and EMS environments, where the useful life of a defibrillator's disposable battery can be consumed in a relatively short period of time, the FR2+ Rechargeable Battery provides a cost-effective option for frequent-use applications, such as back-to-back sudden cardiac arrest responses and monitoring patients during transport.
This Lithium-Ion battery fully charges (using the charger M3849A) in just three hours to provide 100 shocks (typically) or five hours (typically) of ECG display time. The "fuel gauge" on the FR2+ displays the battery's remaining power. Under normal conditions, the FR2+ Rechargeable battery withstands 300 charge/discharge cycles or 2.5 years of use. For use with models marked with FR2+

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