Gaumard 5-Year PEDI® Airway Trainer
Gaumard 5-Year PEDI® Airway Trainer

Gaumard 5-Year PEDI® Airway Trainer

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PEDI Airway Trainer 5 Year (S314)
  • Complete upper torso with realistic chest cavity containing heart, lungs, and stomach
  • Fully articulating head, neck and jaw permitting head-tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust and neck extension into the sniffing position
  • Anatomically accurate mouth, tongue, airway and esophagus designed to illustrate the profound differences between intubating an infant, a child or an adult
  • Nasal passage permits placement of NP tube
  • Soft neck with cricocartilage permits classic Sellick maneuver needed to provide a better view of the vocal cords and/or minimize gastric reflux
  • Realistic trachea, bronchi and lungs permit observable unilateral or bilateral lung expansion under positive pressure ventilation
  • Narrow, floppy, slightly curved epiglottis
  • Anteriorly positioned vocal cords
  • Realistic 9mm airway, narrowing below the vocal cords
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying bag

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