Gaumard OB Susie®
Gaumard OB Susie®

Gaumard OB Susie®

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OB Susie (S500-100)


  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Normal or breech deliveries
  • Leopold maneuvers
  • Intrauterine manipulation
  • Cord prolapse
  • Placenta previa
  • Fundal massage
  • Postpartum care
  • Normal or breech delivery
  • Demonstrate internal rotation, expulsion and external rotation
  • Inflatable cushion lifts fetus for Leopold maneuver
  • Practice intrauterine manipulation to convert breech or transverse to vertex delivery
  • Adaptive birth canal to demonstrate dystocia and deal with its relief
  • 3 dilating cervices
  • 1 one piece fetus for "version" exercises
  • 1 padded stomach cover
  • 3 vulval inserts
  • 2 placentas
  • 3 umbilical cords
  • Silicone lubricant and talcum powder
  • Instructions
  • Carrying bag
Palpation for Leopol Maneuvers
  • Place fetus in vertex, transverse or breech position
  • Lower cushion raises fetus for palpation
  • Soft stomach cover facilitates palpation or fetal manipulation
Normal Vaginal Delivery
  • Birth from ROA or LOP positions
  • Demonstrate rotation / expulsion
  • Cervix dilates as labor progresses
  • Position placenta to simulate placenta previa
  • Practice reduction of nucal cord
Breech and Vacuum Delivery
  • Place fetus on birthing mechanism in normal or breech position
  • Teach Pinard "leg flip" during breech
  • Pause normal delivery to create need for vacuum augmentation
Postpartum Activity
  • Practice fundal massage to firm a "boggy" uterus
  • Modules feature medial episiotomy with tears in the labia minora, mediolateral tears, and standard medialateral episiotomy
Other Details
  • Articulating full size adult: TORSO
  • Automatic maternal/fetal/neonatal modeling: NO
  • Birth canal with dilating cervix: YES
  • BP using real cuffs: NO
  • Breathing with multiple airway sounds: NO
  • Circulation multiple heart sounds/pulse sites: NO
  • Computer control: NO
  • Convulsions and tremors: NO
  • Drug recognition system is automatic: NO
  • Defibrillate, cardiovert and pace: NO
  • Deliveries include vertex, instrumented, shoulder dystocia, breech, "C" section, prolapse and previa: YES
  • Display ECG using REAL monitor: NO
  • Display oxygen saturation using REAL oximeter: NO
  • Dynamic perinatal monitor displays uterine activity and FHR: OPTIONAL
  • ECGs (Virtual) generated in real time: NO
  • Episiotomy repair: NO
  • Fetus is fully articulating with fontanelles/ sutures: YES
  • Fetus delivered with precise, repeatable control: NO
  • Fetal manipulations: YES
  • Fetal force/torque/positioning graphed in real time: NO
  • Intubatable airway and IV arm: NO
  • Maternal vital signs monitor: NO
  • Newborn (weeks gestational age): NO
  • Newborn vital signs monitor: NO
  • Post partum hemorrhage/fundal massage: NO
  • Preprogrammed scenarios, modify them, or create new ones: NO
  • Share images such as x-rays, CT scans, lab results: NO
  • Streaming Audio: NO
  • Training Guide with basic and advanced scenarios: NO
  • Tetherless Newborn: NO
  • Tetherless NOELLE: NO
  • Virtual oxygen saturation measurement: NO

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