Horse Hoof (Plastinated Slices)
Horse Hoof (Plastinated Slices)

Horse Hoof (Plastinated Slices)

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Real anatomy provides insight into the perfect interplay between the systems and structures of the human body. Embracing everything from an aesthetic overview to the finest detail, every single plastinate reveals an unaltered and quite credible basic understanding of life science and medical contexts.

The Tissue Tracing Technique allows us to view complex anatomical structures and provides a completely new understanding of fundamental functional interconnections. High-grade plastic materials, each with a defined refraction index adapted to the respective tissue, are applied to penetrate the tissue, making it transparent.

To ensure practically unlimited durability, the plastinated slices are cast between acrylic protection layers. Each acrylic layer is 10 mm thick and protects the plastinate against UV rays, scratches and other damage.

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