Motor Neuron Diorama
Motor Neuron Diorama

Motor Neuron Diorama

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Magnified more than 2500 times and a fully three-dimensional, a neuron model is depicted in its natural setting. With the membranous envelope cut away, the cytological ultrasture, organelles and inclusions within the cell body are depicted in a contrasting colors. A section of the axon lifts off to expose the enveloping myelin sheath and neuro-lemma, as well as the Schwann cell that formed them. Dendrites of the neuron extend into the background, and synaptic vesicles carrying neurotransmitters can be seen via a cutaway view. 54 features are identified in an illustrated key.
Autographed Anatomy Models
The only models in the world which are personally autographed and dated by their handcrafter! 100% American-made, made every step in the production of every autographed anatomy model - molding, hand sanding, hand painting, number-coding, labeling and autographing - is carried out at the DGi Skokie factory.
17" x 18" x 11" (43cm x 20cm x 28cm)

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