Plane Jane Complete Learning Package
Plane Jane Complete Learning Package

Plane Jane Complete Learning Package

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Includes Plane Jane model and Plane Jane CD
The concept of Cardinal Planes, which divide the human body into equal halves in three different directions, is used to define how the body moves through space. It also provides the basis for movement terminology such as flexion and extension at the body's joints. Frequently taught in kinesiology, anatomy, biomechanics or related courses, the Cardinal Planes concept is difficult for many students to grasp. Textbook diagrams, severely limited by their two-dimensionality, often add to the confusion. A three-dimensional working model is needed for the visual, kinesthetic/tactile learner. Developed by a college professor, Plane Jane, in prototype form, has been successfully used in the classroom to teach the concept of Cardinal Planes to college-level students for more than 15 years. Students working with the Plane Jane model have found it to be extremely helpful to the learning process, and lots of fun as well.
Plane Jane is a fully three-dimensional one-quarter size human figure, standing in the Anatomical Position, and exhibiting the three Cardinal Planes: Sagittal plane, dividing the body into left and right halves, frontal or coronal plane, dividing the body into front and rear portions, transverse plane, dividing the body into top (superior) and bottom (inferior) portions.
Color-coded and detachable, each plane can be demonstrated independently, or in any combination with the other planes.
Jane also comes with a set of three interchangeable arms: each is color-coded to match one of the planes, and drilled to accommodate a plastic rod which represents the axis of rotation. With the axis rod inserted through the arm and into the model, the arm will move parallel to its plane, defining movements within that plane.
A handy foam-lined storage compartment built into Jane's base: complete with hinged lid and magnetic closure, conveniently stows arms and axis rods.
Accompanying each Plane Jane model is an easy-to-use companion CD-ROM. Anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics instructors and students alike will benefit through its brief live-action video lectures. Each live mini-lecture, presented by Plane Jane's developer, employs Plane Jane in demonstrating the link between movement terminology and cardinal anatomy planes.
Learning is further reinforced through interactive quizzes, ready-to-print activity handouts (in PDF format), and a list of terms and related websites.
Plane Jane's overall dimensions: 12" x 9" x 22" (30cm x 23cm x 56cm)
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