Premier Skeleton W/ 18 Pc Take-Apart Skull-Hang Up Mount
Premier Skeleton W/ 18 Pc Take-Apart Skull-Hang Up Mount

Premier Skeleton W/ 18 Pc Take-Apart Skull-Hang Up Mount

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Premier Academic Skeleton with natural tone 18-piece Take-Apart Skull - Hang-Up Mount
Snap plugs let your students quickly disassemble the Premier Take-Apart skull into 18 individual elements — then snap them back together again — a hands on learning experience guaranteed to reinforce understanding of the interrelationship of the cranial and facial bones which together comprise the human skull.
Additional true-to-life details which will enhance the learning experience include a two-part temporal bone which divides to expose the inner ear within, and teeth with full roots which can be extracted from the maxillae and mandible, and reinserted into their sockets.
Characterized by a rigidly-articulated vertebral column which exhibits normal spinal curvatures and intervertebral discs, our Academic Series skeletons incorporate all standard Premier features: 100% non-breakable plastic bones replicast from those of a select male specimen• Stainless-steel fittings• Detachable 4-part skull• Individual extractable/reinsertable teeth — complete with roots — each tooth in its own socket• Detachable spring-articulated mandible• Hinged mandibular flap which opens to expose roots of teeth in their sockets• Detachable calvaria for access to the neuro-cranium• Detachable arms and legs
FREE with every Premier Skeleton regardless of series. Skeletal Lab Investigations Package to flesh-out your skeletal instruction. Package contents: 14-page illustrated guide surveying essential features of the axial and appendicular skeletons, bone structure, joint types and articulations, plus a full transcript of the • 26 minute CD-rom The Human Skeleton • Set of 16 reproducible review and test-sheet copy masters — diagrams, illustrations and quiz questions printed on the front — answer keys on the reverse.

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