Quantum Blood & Fluid Warming System
Quantum Blood & Fluid Warming System

Quantum Blood & Fluid Warming System

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The Quantum Blood and Fluid Warming System from LifeWarmer is a Game-Changing innovation that has succeeded in closing a critical capability gap previously left exposed by other commercial off-the-shelf fluid warmers currently fielded. Size, weight, performance, and ease of use are no longer collective barriers to the delivery of whole blood in far forward and near point of injury (POI) prehospital casualty management.

he Quantum exceeds all healthcare and logistical requirements for the delivery of warmed blood or fluids across the defined spectrum of care. The system consists of unique thermal administration sets that incorporate sensing elements with an integrated heating system that does not disrupt the fluid path. With advanced intelligence throughout the system, the lightweight Controller modulates and moderates the energy flow to the integrated heating elements to ensure consistent normothermic fluid delivery to the casualty.

The 44V battery is the smallest in category, able to rapidly adjust power distribution based on the temperature and flow rate of the input fluid. This creates a highly efficient system capable of previously unrealized performance optimizations.

  • Lightweight- The lightest operational weight of any portable blood & fluid warming system (Total Operational Weight: 22 oz)
  • Powerful- Warms two units of 39øF refrigerated whole blood at 100mL/min+ on a single charge
  • Compact- Fewest components to carry (only three)
  • Fast Warm-up time of only 24 seconds
  • Intuitive- The thermal transfusion/infusion set looks, handles, and sets up/primes like any conventional IV set
  • Safe- Tested safe for blood, blood products and IV solutions
  • Effective- The system is plug-and-play for ease of setup under stressful conditions such as tactical field care (only two connection points, with no plug orientation or set-up order requirements system status constantly visible at a glance)
  • Complete- Does not require additional standard transfusion or infusion set all other warmers do
  • Tactical- Only system FDA cleared allowing easy disable of audible alerts to protect operators in combat

Specifications: Quantum Operating Parameters

IV Fluids
  • Input Temp: 68øF
  • Output Temp: 100.4øF (+/- 2øF)
  • Flow-Rate: 2 - 200ml/min (+)
  • Warm-up Time: 24 seconds
  • Warming Capacity with a Single Battery: 1700 mL

Blood or Blood Products
  • Input Temp: 39øF
  • Output Temp: 100.4øF (+/- 2øF)
  • Flow-Rate: 2 - 100mL/min (+)
  • Warm-up Time: 24 seconds
  • Warming Capacity with Single Battery: 2 units (+)

Quantum System Contents:
  • 1 x Controller
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 2 x TTS-B (Thermal Transfusion Set - Blood)
  • NOTE: TTS-B is Single Use Only, Supplied sterile via Ethylene Oxide

Product Weights:
  • Battery: 16 oz
  • Controller: 3 oz
  • Thermal Transfusion Set (TTS-B): 2.7 oz
  • Charger: 22 oz
  • Total Operational Weight: 22 oz
  • (Controller, Battery & TTS-B)

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