SAM II, the Student Auscultation Manikin
SAM II, the Student Auscultation Manikin

SAM II, the Student Auscultation Manikin

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SAM II, the Student Auscultation Manikin is a new innovation in teaching and learning heart, breath, & bowel sounds.
Containing the largest sound library available, SAM II is a portable and easy to use manikin. While SAM II is used in many simulation centers, it is also easily moved into a classroom or auditorium for group instruction.
SAM II's computer software interface is easily projected into any smart classroom. The software includes phonocardiograms, correct anatomical locations, and written lessons for each sound.

Individual Student Features:

  • Used with your own Stethoscope
  • Carotid Pulse for Detection of Systole.
  • Provides visual display of phonocardiogram with heart sound.
  • Provides two channel display with heart and breath sounds.
  • Select sounds via computer menu
  • Any two sounds can be compared quickly and easily
  • Palpate a thrill for grade 4+ murmurs
  • Sounds with Variable Heart Rate Included.
  • Comparison of similar, but different sounds is quick and easy, i.e., compare Split S2 with S3 or S4 and ASD or innocent murmur with AS and MR.
  • Lesson or program guide for each sound can be displayed on the computer monitor.
  • Full lesson guide for every sound with questions and answers
  • SAM On-Line for continuing study auscultation with sounds at correct anatomical site.

Instructor Features:

  • Instructor can alter sound volume at any site and save his/her volume settings and/or return to factory settings.
  • Instructors can preprogram lectures making their presentation much Smoother and quicker.
  • Classroom Instruction using SimulScope Auscultation System or Speakers
  • Phonocardiograms of each sound for projection to class
  • Phonocardiograms on two-channels for comparison purposes
  • Case studies can be presented
  • Listen to severe aortic stenosis in the neck as well as over precordial areas.
  • Produce a pneumothorax in the chest
  • Diminish the lower lung sounds while maintain normal volume at upper chest
  • Sounds for testing supplied


SAM II consists of a male manikin (pictured above), a new DELL laptop computer with SAM II software installed, a digital copy of SAM II’s Lesson Guide, and an Operator’s Manual. The lesson guide is currently available in English.

For Use In:

  • Skills Labs - Nursing Schools
  • Skills Labs - Medical Schools
  • Community College Nursing Programs
  • Standardized Patient Training
  • Respiratory Therapy Depts.
  • Physical Therapy Depts.
  • Athletic Training Depts.
  • Nurse Practitioner Programs
  • PA Programs
  • EMS Training Program
  • Pharmacy Schools

Other Features:

  • Portability - Weighing only 23 lbs, SAM II is lightweight and portable allowing teaching flexibility from room to room – increasing the value of your investment.
  • Students use their own stethoscope - SAM II allows students the opportunity to practice with their own stethoscope.
  • Large Library of sounds - Included are over 35 heart, 21 breath, 16 bowel, and 4 carotid bruit sounds – all heard at the correct anatomical location, both anterior and posterior. Also included are 16 heart/breath combination sounds.
  • Variable breath sounds - Breath sounds can be diminished in lower lungs or in either side of the chest. SAM II can simulate pneumonia or pneumothorax.
  • Carotid Pulse - Every SAM II is supplied with a carotid pulse timed with the first heart sound to identify the onset of systole. This is essential for proper diagnosis. Variable heart and respiration rates - To mimic real-life differences, heart sounds are played at 60, 75, 90, and 110 bpm and breath sounds from 12-30 bpm.
  • Pediatric Sounds - Contains all generally recognized pediatric sounds including ASD, PDA, VSD, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary stenosis and Tetralogy of Fallot.
  • Phonocardiogram - Each sound produces a phonocardiogram on the computer screen providing a visual learning aspect to SAM II.
  • Smart classroom/auditorium ready - SAM II software allows projection of the phonocardiogram for full-audience viewing while simultaneously listening using output for connection to a low-frequency speaker.
  • Customized Volume Adjustments - Instructors can alter the sound volume at any location. These changes can be saved for later recall. At any time, they can return to the factory settings and still maintain their individual changes.
  • Lesson Guide Included - Each SAM II sound is accompanied by a lesson guide. This 196-pg lesson guide describes each sound in detail with graphics showing where best to listen, what will be heard at each anatomical location, suggested maneuvers to help identify the sound, questions and answers.
  • Preprogram your lectures and scenarios with SAM II - Instructors can preprogram and save their lectures and/or scenarios permitting a smooth transition between sounds during class instruction.

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