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Tobacco Disconnect 2 Question Quest Card Set
Tobacco Disconnect 2 Question Quest Card Set

Tobacco Disconnect 2 Question Quest Card Set

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These exciting games employ an interactive game-show style format featuring six different categories. Players select the category and point value, the game leader reads the question in the form of an answer, and the players must respond in the form of a question. Question difficulty increases with point value. Enough cards are included to play the game five times without repeating a question. Set of tobacco question-and-answer cards covering six categories: The Ingredients the Thing, Media Literacy and Tobacco, Dumping Exposure or Addiction to Butts, The Smelly on Cigars and Bidis, Try Tobacco Trivia, and Spit Tobacco Stinks. Copyright 2002. Each card set includes: six plastic category heading cards (with Velcro for attachment to game board), five sets of question-and-answer cards (150 total; 25 for each category), and complete instructions. Game board sold separately WA16951(A)G. For 2-6 players or teams. Middle school to adult level. May be used in conjunction with Nasco’s Classroom Challenger (SB22727G).

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