VectorMED VM-CPR Manikin
VectorMED VM-CPR Manikin

VectorMED VM-CPR Manikin

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Part Number:VM-CPR-100
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VectorMED is pleased to introduce our portable and professional-quality manikin,the VM-CPR.

VM-CPR supports 10 languages, a sure way to reach and educate a large audience. Additionally the visual/auditory feedback function as well as anatomically correct design make for easy instruction.

- Features

  • LED on manikin forehead to display compression feedback which notifies the trainee of satisfactory CPR performance.
  • Chest pressure depth 5cm, frequency at 100~200 times per minute.
  • Speaker at the bottom for feedback (“Press deeper”, “Press faster”, “You are doing well”, “Relax the chest”)
  • Supports 10 languages (Korean/English/Chinese/Japanese/Indonesian/Vietnamese/Arabic/Spanish/German/French).
  • 2-layer joint at top and bottom for the joint that moves forward and backward.
  • Metronome beat instruction through speaker.
  • Beats go off according to the rate of 110 times per minute.
  • Accurate AED pad application function to reduce the rate of faulty pad application on the collarbone.
  • Also included is the Deluxe Vector Med manikin carry bag that also doubles as a CPR mat, to help transport your equipment and comfortably use it 



  • Can rotate 15” left and right.
  • Appearance: Shoulder width: 35cm x Height: 63cm x Depth: 21cm
  • Weight (kg): 3.9

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