Dolphin 1 - Electric Rescue Sled
Dolphin 1 - Electric Rescue Sled

Dolphin 1 - Electric Rescue Sled

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Dolphin 1 addresses the following pain points of fresh and salt-water rescuers:

Improves Operational Safety

When rescuing with Dolphin 1, you don’t have to set foot into the water yourself. Dolphin 1 eliminates risks such as panicking victims and/or adverse water conditions leading to the rescuer becoming an additional victim.

Effectively Maintain Vantage Point

The Dolphin’s bright color and fog lights make it eminently noticeable in water and reduce the risk of the rescuer losing sight of the victim. Its bold signature enables rescue missions to be executed in a safer, faster, and more efficient manner.

Professional, but simple

Unlike jet skis or MOB boats, Dolphin 1 is extremely simple and easy to use. It does not require certificated personnel, making it a very handy tool when an urgent rescuing alarm is raised.

Complimentary to other assets

Every water rescue is different and those charged with rescue should have as many effective tools at their disposal to tailor the quickest, safest response to each scenario to give every potential victim the best chance to be rescued.

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