Infant Foot: Screening Test
Infant Foot: Screening Test

Infant Foot: Screening Test

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The only heel prick test simulator on the world market.
Created by Medicor Lab, this newborn foot is ideal for blood sampling simulation.

 The newborn metabolic screening test (Also known as “heel prick,” PKU, or newborn blood spot test) screens for rare but potentially serious disorders that can affect your baby’s health.

 Designed with a special internal foam and equipped with a fake blood filling tank, the baby's foot allows, with pressure, to release drops of blood from the heel after having simulated a sting. This product is unique and will allow you to practice and train students in sampling techniques safely and realistically.

Maintenance: when you don't use the product for a period of time, squeeze and completely drain the fake blood and inject distilled water several times to avoid clogging the channels.

Optional add-on:

  • Blood refill.

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