ResQmax Swift Water rescue Kit/Messenger Line Kit
ResQmax Swift Water rescue Kit/Messenger Line Kit

ResQmax Swift Water rescue Kit/Messenger Line Kit

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Part Number:KIT-412
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  • The ResQmax Kit 412 is a Swift Water / Messenger Line Deployment Kit supplied with two payloads and all the accessories required to operate the ResQmax. The Dacron Line is a messenger line which allows for long range horizontal deployment distances of 400ft / 122m. This line can be used to tow larger, stronger ropes across a river or other fast moving body of water.
  • The Polyspectra Line has a stronger test strength of 2,200 lbs / 1,000 kg and is intended to be used in water-based operations which require the line to float. This line, when coupled with the Sling Projectile, becomes an effective way to assist a distressed swimmer who may be caught in strong currents by delivering the ResQmax Sling with in seconds. The Auto-Inflating Sling has a mechanism which inflates the Sling on contact with water. The deployment distance of the Polyspectra Line with the Standard Projectile is about 275ft / 84m.
  • The ResQmax Streamline Filler Hose facilitates charging the Projectiles with compressed air from an Air Compressor, an SCBA Tank, or a SCUBA Tank. The service pressure of these Projectiles is 3,000 psi / 207 bar.
  • This kit comes complete with spares and a Kit Carry Bag for easy carrying. Optional accessories include the ResQmax Tool Kit and a Rigid Transport/Storage Case. Additional projectiles and lines are available with all of the ResQmax Kits.

  • 1 - Part #500 ResQmax Launcher - Red
  • 1 - Part #300-S Streamline Projectile with 2 spare covers
  • 1 - Part #301-S Streamline Sling Projectile with 4 spare burst capsules
  • 1 - Part #805 500lb test 3mm Dacron Line (500ft / 152m) in Compact Line Container
  • 1 - Part #806 2,200lb test 8mm Polyspectra Line (300ft / 92m) in Large Line Container
  • 1 - Part #60402-S Streamline Nozzle Protector - 5 pack
  • 1 - Part #712 CO2 Cylinders and Bobbins - 5-pack
  • 1 - Part #714 O-ring Kit - 10-pack (various)
  • 1 - Part #715 Corrosion Block
  • 1 - Part #720 ResQmax Operations Manual
  • 1 - Part #725 ResQmax Training CD
  • 1 - Select Streamline Filler Hose
  • 1 - Part #907 Cordura Kit Carry Bag - Red

    Shipping Dimensions: 25 x 21 x 14” - 33 lbs
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