Upgrade Kit BASICBilly+  for CPR Training with Direct Feedback
Upgrade Kit BASICBilly+ for CPR Training with Direct Feedback

Upgrade Kit BASICBilly+ for CPR Training with Direct Feedback

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Get the Upgrade Kit to equip your CPR manikin BASICBilly Basic Life Support (BLS) with the AHA required direct feedback functionalities. Simply attach the sensor kit to your manikin, download the free mobile apps in your app store and receive detailed CPR feedback in real-time using the app on your mobile device. Even a class of six students can be monitored easily via the Instructor mobile App powered by heartisense.

The CPR app provides feedback for:
  • Compression (depth, recoil, and rate)
  • Breath (volume)
  • Hands-off time in real-time

Feedback and evaluation meet the standard of the latest guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA) and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC).The CPR app to be used with the CPR Upgrade Kit come in two versions: a Student App and an Instructor App fitting the needs of each user.

Overview of the CPR App features:
  • Offers overall scoring and intuitive point of improvement during CPR
  • Direct (real-time) and summative CPR feedback for students
  • Instructor view can monitor up to 6 manikins at a time
  • Saved student results for review
  • Export or share students result/certificate as a PDF file
  • Instructor can use CPR analysis for detailed debriefing
  • Easily switch from conventional CPR training to “compression only” CPR settings
  • Stable connection thanks to reliable Bluetooth connection

The hardware of the Upgrade Kit for all BASICBilly Basic Life Support (BLS) is easy to install and the apps are available for free to download in your Apple or Google app store. The Upgrade Kit includes a sensor that enables the manikin to send compression and breath data to the mobile device in real time.

If you already own a BASICBilly BLS, you can easily upgrade it to the BASICBilly+ BLS and CPR manikin installing the Upgrade Kit and use the additional features right away

Delivery content of the Upgrade Kit BASICBilly+:
  • Add-on kit with breath module sensor
  • Lung bag with breath module sensor holder
  • Color ID stickers
  • Installation guide

Requires 2 „AA“ batteries (not included)

Apple Store:

  • Instructor App
  • Student App

  • Google Play:
  • Instructor App
  • Student App
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