Advanced Keri Auscultation Manikin
Advanced Keri Auscultation Manikin

Advanced Keri Auscultation Manikin

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KERi has a non-age-specific appearance. Complete lifelike range of motion, realistic patient positioning, and non-pinching joints - moves like a person. Lightweight - approximately 28 lbs. Full-size adult manikin - measures 58 in. Overall female appearance. Converts to male with removal of wig and attachment of male genitals. Ideal for OBRA Required Training.

Realistic Patient Positioning, Flexibility, & Superior Range of Motion:

  • No other manikin features movements as natural as the KERi for patient positioning, range of motion, and patient flexibility
  • All major joints have natural movement to provide realistic practice of patient handling
  • Hands and feet are made of soft, flexible Life/form material for added realism: Ankle - Eversion, Inversion, Dorsiflexion, Plantarflexion, Elbow - Extension, Flexion, Pronation, Supination, Fingers - Abduction, Adduction, Flexion (soft, lifelike material), Hip - Abduction, Adduction, Rotation, Hyperextension, Knee - Extension, Flexion, Neck - Rotation, Hyperextension, Lateral Flexion, Shoulder - Abduction, Adduction, Rotation, Hyperextension, Toes - Abduction, Adduction, Flexion (soft, lifelike material), Trunk - Rotation, Hyperextension, Wrist - Flexion, Hyperextension, Radial Flexion, Ulnar Flexion

Simulates over 35 nursing and medical procedures:

  • Auscultation Sites with Heart and Lung Sounds: Heart Sites - Six anterior locations with 12 heart conditions, Lung Sites - Five Anterior, six upper posterior, four lower posterior, and two midaxillary locations with 16 lung conditions
  • Bandaging and Wound Dressing
  • Bed Baths
  • Clothing Changes
  • Denture Placement and Removal - Upper and LowerEar Canal Irrigation, Otic Drops, and Hearing Aid Placement
  • Dilated and Constricted Pupils
  • Enema Administration - Female Only
  • Eye Irrigation
  • Finger and Toe Manipulation with Bandaging - Flexible and Individually Molded
  • Gastrostomy Procedures - Lavage and Gavage
  • Hair Care Washing and Combing
  • Heart Conditions: Aortic Regurgitation, Atrial Septal Defect, Holosystolic, Mid-systolic, Mitral Stenosis, Normal, PDA, Pulmonary Stenosis, S3 Gallop, S4 Gallop, Systolic Click, and VSD
  • Internal Fluid Reservoirs
  • Intramuscular Injection Sites - Arm, Thigh, and Buttock
  • Left Blood Pressure Training Arm reproduces all five Korotkoff sounds and allows the instructor to vary systolic and diastolic levels, pulse rate, volume, and auscultatory gap
  • Lung Conditions: Bronchial, Bronchovesicular, Cavernous, Coarse Crackle, Egophony, Fine Crackle, Friction Rub, Infant, Mono Wheeze, Normal, Pectoriloquy, Pulmonary Edema, Rhonchi, Stridor, Vesicular, and Wheeze
  • Nasogastric Tube Placement
  • Normal and Cancerous Mole
  • Oral and Nasal Hygiene - Lavage, Gavage, and Suctioning
  • Ostomy Care - Ileostomy and Colostomy Tissue Maintenance and Appliance Application, Lavage, and Suctioning
  • Pap Smears and Douching
  • Patient Positioning
  • Patient Transfer Techniques
  • Pericare
  • Prostate Exam - Stage B
  • Reddened Skin Folds
  • Right IV Training Arm with a shoulder intramuscular injection site features replaceable skin and veins that roll when palpated, realistic flashback confirms proper needle placement
  • Stage 1 Sacral Ulcer
  • Standard arms with right and left shoulder intramuscular injection sites are also included
  • Tracheostomy Care - Lavage and Suctioning
  • Urinary Catheterization - Female and uncircumcised male

Does not include carry case

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