Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy™ Skills Trainer
Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy™ Skills Trainer

Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy™ Skills Trainer

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VT0240/SB52380 Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer™ is a first-of-its-kind patient simulator. Bonnie was designed with clinician input to replicate, teach, and reinforce the skills needed to perform a posterior iliac crest bone marrow biopsy procedure. This healthcare simulation trainer provides a realistic feel when puncturing the skin surface, entering the iliac crest bone, extracting simulated bone marrow samples.

Product Features

  • Learn and practice bone marrow biopsy procedures of the posterior spine and pelvic region
  • Modeled from an average-size female pelvic bone and spine
  • Palpate landmarks such as the spinous process and the anterior and posterior iliac crests
  • Facilitates proper biopsy needle placement
  • Tilt base simulates treating patients in prone or side-lying positions
  • Right and left posterior iliac crest bone inserts are replaceable and incorporate simulated bone marrow that can be extracted during simulated biopsy procedures to confirm proper technique
  • Body skin shell has a soft feel
  • Remove body skin shell to expose the entire underlying pelvic/spine anatomy and to facilitate iliac crest bone insert replacement
  • Puncture site insert over posterior iliac crest bones is also replaceable, allowing for multiple site punctures
  • Includes body skin shell, puncture site skin insert, left and right iliac crest bone insert (6 sets), tilt stand, and carrying case
  • 1-year warranty
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