Dual Lungs Comparison Kit
Dual Lungs Comparison Kit

Dual Lungs Comparison Kit

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Dramatic demonstration kit that provides an impressive, unforgettable, hands-on demonstration of the texture and fragility of the mammalian lungs, as well as demonstrating that real lungs are not like rubber balloons in a bell jar. The teacher’s guide emphasizes the handling, use, and storage of the reusable swine lungs, and includes a detailed illustration of internal anatomy. Supplemental information about lung cancer, other smoking induced diseases, and air pollutants is also included.
Demonstrate both sets of lungs simultaneously for better lung comparison. The interconnected airway system lets you compare the ventilation of both sets of lungs simultaneously, or simply shut off one of the upper valves to inflate only one set of lungs. Kit includes an interconnected airway system with dual trays; air pump; one pair of reusable, normal inflatable swine lungs with guide; one pair of Simulated Smoker’s Lungs with guide; and one section of dried swine lung with a storage container.

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