10 Fun Activities for Spring

Posted by Andrew on 3/22/2019 to Safety Tips
10 Fun Activities for Spring

A variety of ways to enjoy the great outdoors

Spring has sprung! This week marks the beginning of the end of cold weather (we hope) and the start of a fresh new season.

Spring is for rejuvenation, a time to enjoy the pleasant outdoors and bask in the flurry of plant growth and renewal. There are so many ways to enjoy the weather this time of year. To get you started, here are 10 fun and simple ways to enjoy the springtime:

1. Do something you normally do, but outside

Like to read? Go outside and read on the porch or under a tree. Doing everyday things outside can improve your mood and is a great way to enjoy Spring.

2. Fly a kite

If you haven't flown a kite in years, find a windy afternoon and make it happen. Why not? In a digital world, simple outdoor traditions like this can stand the test of time.

3. Get healthy

If your New Year’s resolution is already dead and gone, this is a great time to renew your resolution, whatever that may be. Spring is a time of new beginnings!

4. Go hiking or camping

A popular way to celebrate the warmer temperatures is to go on a hike or a weekend camping trip with the family. Be sure you're stocked up with a first aid kit to make sure everyone is safe while enjoying the outdoors.

5. Eat outdoors, picnic

A classic spring picnic is a great way to celebrate Spring. Why not lay down a blanket and grab a picnic basket? It's a great way for family and friends to enjoy quality time together.

6. Make a garden

In the spirit of the season, add your personal touch with some plants of your own. Grow fruits, vegetables, or any other plant and start a tradition. Plus you'll have something to harvest later!

7. Do some spring cleaning

Sure, it’s a chore, but it’s also a good time of the year to clean up your house, car, desk, or whatever space gets neglected during the rest of the year. If you're cleaning up your house, be sure to have an AED on hand to protect your loved ones. AEDs save lives!

8. Photograph the world around you

Why not take the Spring as an opportunity to pick up a new hobby? With the plants blossoming, it's the perfect time to snap some photos of the outdoors. You can even make a collage and share it on social media.

9. Go to a baseball game

Spring isn’t just the start of a new season, it’s the start of baseball season. It's America's pastime for a reason, so why not take in an afternoon game? It's a great way to build comradery with those in your community.

10. Visit a National Park

There are so many great National Parks you can visit. Here’s a list, be sure to find one close to you and make a trip this year!

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