HFMD, Not Another Indie Band

Posted by Elijah on 7/20/2018 to Physical Health
HFMD, Not Another Indie Band

Head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Who doesn’t love 'The Head and Shoulders Song?' Anyone with HFMD, that’s who! So naturally, you would want to know how someone can constantly avoid touching the various appendages and features of the human body. Well it’s quite simple. If you had a disease on your hands known as Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, the last thing you’d want to do is spread it to the other 2 areas that the disease encompasses in the name.

Mostly affecting the youth, Luckily this disease is rare but can prove fatal if other health complications are added to the mix. Which if you have HFMD, you most likely will have other health complications as well. That’s where the experts at CDC come in. Once again, the Center for Disease Control have done an incredible job of making sure the people of the world are educated and aware of diseases, and how to prevent the contraction of it. They point out the standard general tips of prevention, which are:

  • Washing hands constantly. Especially after unhygienic activities
  • Avoid cross contamination by not touching your orifices with unwashed hands
  • Avert excessive contact with a suspected carrier
  • Cleaning off regularly used surfaces frequently

Unfortunately there isn't definitive treatments for HFMD, except waiting for the disease to run it's course. The skin usually clears up in 10 days. Although it is rare, like any disease, complications will arise. But as any ignored threat, it can become a monster in the future. Take the time to educate yourself by visiting the link below and for products to help with sanitation and illness prevention, check out our first aid supplies.


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