Hiking With Your Pets

Posted by Sunshine on 8/17/2018 to Pet Safety
Hiking With Your Pets

Don’t you just love to be outdoors? It’s all about enjoying the fresh air and reaching the peak of the mountain. It’s even better when your best friend and furry companion goes with you—they love it even more!

But there are always dangers when taking your pet outside of your normal home environment. Watch out for wild animals on the trails and those stubborn thorns and needles found in plant life, as well as possible dehydration from being in hot temperatures. Most issues are easy to avoid by being prepared and taking the essentials with you. You never know what kind of situation you’ll find yourself in or what interesting things your best friend will get into while out for a day in the wild.

Some things you should always have when hiking with your pooch are:

  • Water and lots of it. Enough for you and your pet, as well as a way for your dog to be able to drink.
  • Dried food. You never know how long you will be out, and canines need constant protein to keep their energy up.
  • Collar and leash with tags. Preferably one that is reflective in case it gets dark before you hike back or if you are camping.
  • First aid kit for yourself and your pet. Basic first aid is a simple necessity for those small scratches you may get on the trail or if your dog has stuck his nose in something he shouldn’t have.

Going outdoors can be simple and exciting, just remember to pack for the whole family and enjoy the adventure! For an easier time purchasing these simple necessities, visit our website at www.cpr-savers.com.


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