Improving survival outcome for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Posted by Leah on 10/30/2019 to Emergency Care
Improving survival outcome for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest happens when your heart unexpectedly fails, resulting in a loss of consciousness. In order for a potentially good cardiac arrest outcome, CPR and defibrillation needs to be started as soon as possible. With each vital second passing, without proper treatment, the odds of survival are meek. That is why it is important to have trained personnel on standby, in case of a sudden disturbance in the heart's electrical status, causing the heart to fail. But, most of the time cardiac arrest happens out of the hospital setting.

A community in Tuscon, Arizona has formulated a study to help improve response time for out of hospital cardiac arrest. Check out the full article here to see all the data provided by the mock scenarios that were performed.

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