Social Distancing and Isolation

Posted by Sam on 3/20/2020 to Safety Tips
Social Distancing and Isolation

Handling the stress and anxiety

Weeks of no work or social gathering can be intimidating to some, and those that love to socialize and party might already be starting to panic but staying home and practicing social distancing isn't as intimidating as it once was.

There are a lot of people out there who would prefer the isolated life. We are social creatures sure, but just because we have to be shut in with the Quarantine doesn't mean there is no way to socialize. An entire world of information is at our fingertips through our phones and our computers. You can always reach out and contact a friend if you're in need.

Here we have some tips for handling Stress During the Outbreak:

  1. Maintain contacts and talk to people you trust. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, be sure to check up on your friends and family.
  2. Be sure to keep maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Healthy diet and exercise is good for the body and the mind.
  3. Avoid bad habits that put your health at risk, Drinking too much and drugs can put your immune system at risk. Do not be afraid to talk to a health worker or Counsellor if you feel you cant talk to your family and friends.
  4. Keep updated on the facts, the Center for Disease control and World Health Organization are on top of updating information and data as often as possible, they are an unbiased source of information you can trust.
  5. Limit time watching media coverage that upsets you. It helps to reduce the stress, worry and agitation to just leave things for a while and focus on the positive.
  6. Do what feels right, We have all developed coping mechanisms in the past through skills, drawing, music, art, crafts. take what you used to find soothing like perhaps reading or redecorating and distract yourself from the stress.

The COVID-19 is a very resilient virus, Not easily contained with the community spread and rate of infection growing exponentially, it is in the best interest of our population that we take this quarantine seriously. Not knowing what happens next is scarry, but there are teams of people working on a vaccine and looking into several methods of combating the more dangerous effects of the virus.

For more helpful information and tips on keeping calm visit the World Health Organization website for more information.

Available Downloads from the World Health Organization:
Coping with Stress
Helping Children Cope with Stress

Stay safe and healthy


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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