When You Need Roadside Help

Posted by Andrew on 8/31/2018 to First Aid Kits
When You Need Roadside Help

We never stop and think that the technology we rely on every day may fail us when we need it most.

You're in a new place and your car won't start, you get a flat tire, your lights go out. No problem, you have your phone to call for help...until you realize your battery is dead or you don't have access to the internet.

No one thinks it will happen to them, but it's bound to happen to all of us at some point: Technology giveth, and technology taketh away.

In fact, despite dramatic modern improvements, drivers are coping with more battery, flat tire, and key problems than ever before. While most drivers depend on their phone for roadside assistance, if you are taking a long drive--especially somewhere you've never been before--it's better to play it safe and take extra precautions in case you have a low battery or lose cell service or internet access.

Being prepared with an emergency first aid kit can be a simple lifesaver in a time of crisis. A recent AAA survey shows that more than 40% of motorists do not carry an emergency kit in their vehicle. It's an easy and painless way to prepare yourself for these unpleasant circumstances. If you are purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, the dealership sometimes includes a first aid kit with your purchase. Or your insurance company may provide a first aid kit when you sign up for a policy.

There are many options of first aid kits to choose from, so which one is best for you? Well, the kit you bring must include the basics. That means first aid kit essentials like band aids, burn creams, alcohol pads, etc. When putting together a roadside emergency kit there are a few other supplies that should be included like bottled water in case you get dehydrated. You also need items such as:

  • Jumper cables
  • Safety vest
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct tape
  • Help signs
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Flashlight
  • Extra batteries and fuses

Even bringing an old-school paper map can be handy! There are always other things you can add to your kit to be well prepared like towels, blankets, and windshield washer fluid. You may even need an extra gallon of gas to save you from having to walk if the unexpected happens.

These items will assist you until help arrives or until you're able to solve the issues yourself. CPR Savers offers many roadside assistance kits that come equipped with the materials you need to handle a roadside emergency, including the AAA Traveler Road Kit. You can never feel too prepared when travelling with family and friends. Be sure to stock up and have peace of mind when you hit the road.

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