National Wellness Month

August is national wellness month, a month to remind us that taking care of ourselves is necessary to help take care of those around us.

Wellness focuses not only on physical health, but also mental health, which can be directly related to physical stress. Emotions are directly linked to the chemical makeup of our bodies; they can often lead to problems with blood pressure or heart health if not managed properly. Sometimes it only takes a few days of relaxation or a night out with friends, other times it is good to keep an eye on your numbers and see a medical professional to prevent or manage health issues. Mindfulness meditation can also help with emotional regulation, as well as overall mental health.

The biggest thing you can do for your health is pay attention to what you think your body is telling you. Need a break from the world? Spend a day at home playing video games, or take a trip out to nature and camp. Anxious, depressed? Be sure to talk to your closest friends and family and seek professional help.

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