What is a Mylar blanket?

Developed to protect the space station Skylab from overheating while in orbit, the Mylar blanket is not only known as the space blanket but it is commonly found in First Aid and Survival Kits thanks to how lightweight and effective it is as an insulator.

How a thin sheet of reflective plastic helps in a survival situation.

Emergency Blanket - as the name suggests it is a blanket, Wrapped around the body tightly it helps trap in body heat and is especially useful in emergency situations where someone might be going into shock.

Emergency Shelter - The waterproof blanket can be utilized as a shelter if lost or needing some extra warmth in cold weather. It can also reflect the heat of a campfire in your direction if needed.

Keep Warm - Stuck in a car during a snowstorm? Set it up in the windshield with the reflective facing you and it will reflect your body heat back in your direction.

Keep Cool - Sun shields in car windshields help keep the car from turning into an oven.

Signal for Help - Reflective surfaces are hard to miss, especially from the sky.

Emergency blankets are used by marathon runners to keep themselves from cooling down too quickly after completing a race. They are also used in hospitals for patients undergoing surgery because anesthesia can make them shiver. Problem Solving for

Space Blanket
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