Preparing for Natural Disasters

Posted by Sunshine on 8/3/2018 to Safety Tips
Preparing for Natural Disasters

For every region of the world, there is at least one downside to living there. Whether it's the hurricanes and earthquakes in the east, wildfires in the west, or tornadoes in the Midwestern region, natural disasters can happen anywhere, at any time. How do you prepare when you never know when something is going to happen? More than 60% of Americans are completely unprepared and it is as easy as having a survival kit in a handy place.

We've all seen those over the top survivalist T.V. shows with people building bunkers and safe rooms with bug out bags. Even though it can get a little extreme, they do have the right idea. Having a survival kit and being prepared can be simple. Here are a few things to consider storing nearby:

  • Water - bottles, pouches, purification tablets
  • Emergency freeze dried or preserved food- such as granola, canned goods, etc
  • First aid kit - including antibiotics and medications for pain relief.
  • Change of clothes if possible

With the volcano in Hawaii, the flooding in Puerto Rico, and the season of storms coming in multiple countries in the next few months, no one can be prepared enough. Having these few simple items can mean a lot if you are ever in a similar situation.Natural disasters strike in a moments notice giving you and your family no time to prepare. Having these few essential items stored somewhere accessible and safe may be what keeps you and you family going in a time of need.

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