Staying Connected at School

Posted by Elijah on 8/10/2018 to Safety Tips
Staying Connected at School

School is back in session! What a wild summer it’s been. With all the world crisis and take off in social media culture, it is more imperative than ever to keep students connected to their schooling. Distractions are easy to come by in the modern age. This makes involvement from parents, to teachers, to faculty, vital to the success of our future collegiate scholars. After all, it takes a village. This isn’t an article advocating for the isolation of teens from social gatherings with their peers, but rather a friendly reminder that it is still important to monitor what your child may be exposed to, and how they learn to handle different situations. It can be difficult for some parents trying their hardest not to be “overbearing,” but experts at CDC have got some solid facts about the effectiveness of a strong parent-child relationship when it comes to the many hard lessons you must learn going through school, and eventually life. Staying connected now will ensure an even better connection in the future between you and your prodigy.

In the form of Portable Documented Format (PDF) handouts, CDC has done it again. Making the point that no one wants to see their child subjected to “behaviors that are risky or harmful.” They also follow up with some great tips to parents that ultimately can help with the development of the young mind in such a crucial point of their existence. Being involved with your kids’ education involves:

  • Breaking down barriers- let your children know that they can come to you with their ideas, needs, and worries. You must maintain an open flow of communication to avoid secret keeping in the household that can result in unforeseen tragic circumstances
  • Attending school functions- As mundane as the middle school musicals can be, being in attendance can be a difference maker in your child’s road to Broadway. These are also golden opportunities for meet and greets with other people involved in the life of your child when you aren’t so present. Maybe even make some new friends of your own!
  • Harping on the homework- Aiding in the completion assignments is a huge bonding moment for student and parent. This is a learning opportunity that will help each participate to understand each other more. Regular practice in this activity will teach your child time management and how to work with others. Not to mention that this is your child’s time to let you in on the juicy gossip in their lives. It’s can’t be all work!

These are just a few cool tips that can be found in the PDF file provided by the CDC. This and other resources can be utilized in neighborhood meetings or PTA gatherings. Spreading the word will increase the end goal of keeping kids focused in school, and reducing the chance of your child hanging with the less desirable crowd. So, don’t be shy about advocating this to all parents. Also, remember that children should always be prepared in case of emergencies. When you’re doing that back to school shopping, why not make a stop on CPR Savers website , and pick up an 'on-the-go' first aid kit for your child’s backpack or locker. We have many options in color, style, and size, so kids can maintain their street cred and swag. If you’re looking for more tips on parenting, visit CDC or just check out the links below! Let’s shoot for all collegiate scholars in the coming generations.

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